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Reconstructive Facial Surgery

Reconstructive Facial Surgery is performed to help individuals overcome physical limitations placed on them by circumstances beyond their control – facial deformities at birth, deformities due to cancer of the head and neck, and facial anomalies due to trauma.

The goal of any facial plastic surgery is to create a beautiful, youthful, and natural appearance. Because surgery is an art and not an exact science, though, the cosmetic surgery outcome may not always be favorable. Most "complications" of cosmetic surgery are not true complications but rather unrealized expectations. In some cases, however, true complications do occur.

How the patient heals is often the greatest contributor to undesired results. Some patients form excessive scarring both internally or externally, leading to malposition or malfunction of the tissues. Outdated techniques, under-experienced or poorly trained surgeons, poor judgment, misinterpretations of the underlying problem, or chance may also play a role in an unsatisfactory outcome. Often, plastic surgery mistakes will correct themselves over time, but when the bad plastic surgery is on the most visible part of your body, that is your face, the results can be devastating, and a solution to the problem should be sought.

The message is that the way you look can have a substantial impact on how you feel, your job, and your career. This is the overwhelming reason why interest in facial plastic surgery among men has risen so sharply in the past decade.

Not only must one be qualified, one must project a confident, youthful, and energetic look:

  • 84% of adults surveyed believed that physical attractiveness contributed to success and power on the job.
  • 42% felt that improving one thing about their face would help their career.
  • 32% agreed that a more youthful appearance would positively impact job success.

Today, lower eyelid bags can be removed from inside the lid, and brows can be lifted through small incisions in the hair line, both without visible scars. Surgery of the nose, chin augmentation, and liposuction of a double chin can project a more powerful and confident appearance. Facelifts are tailored to men's needs.

Now more than ever Men are seeking Facial Plastic Surgery.

Men have discovered that they can benefit from today's cosmetic surgery procedures. In today's extremely competitive business world, men wear their resume on their face.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I Be In Pain?

During your surgery, anesthesia ensures you are comfortable and without pain. For most procedures you will be asleep for the entire time. After surgery you will be prescribed medication for any discomfort. These symptoms usually subside within a matter of days.

Will Everyone Recognize I Had Surgery?

Usually not. Good facial plastic surgery looks natural, and not overly sculpted. People will often ask if you have been on vacation, lost weight, or been exercising. Typically, they will not know unless you share it with them.

Will There Be Scars?

You will have scars, but they are not usually noticeable. We make every effort to keep scars to a minimum and hide them in natural lines and creases in your skin. Over the course of time, your scars will fade and become barely noticeable.

How Soon Can I Return to Work?

It depends greatly on the procedure. Most surgical procedures, however, will allow you to return to work within seven to ten days.

How Long Does It Take?

Most procedures take only a few hours, are performed on an outpatient basis, and require no overnight stay. You will be in recovery for a few hours, and a friend or relative will escort you home to recover in your own bed.

Will Insurance Cover It?

Since cosmetic surgery is elective, most insurance plans do not cover it. There are exceptions, and if your procedure is medically necessary, our office will be happy to contact your insurance company.