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Fees & Co-Pays

Finger Lakes Otolaryngology accepts cash, check, money order, and all major credit/debit cards. If you are unsure how much your co payment will be call your insurance provider.

Copayments are expected at the time of your visit. If you need assistance obtaining copayment information please call our staff and we would be happy to assist you in obtaining this information.

If you are calling regarding; Allergy Shots, Vial Mixes, and Allergy Tests, we have a dedicated representative to assist you through this process: Call Jackie Germano at 585-396-3110 ext. 301.

The following are current common Out of Pocket, Non-insured Payment Fees: Please call ahead for a detail price quote.

Office Visit: $100

Audio: $75

Allergy Test: $250

Botox: $200

Forehead: $400

Crows Feet: $250 each eye

Parenthesis: $300 each side

Ear Muffins: $15 each

Ear Putty: $3.00 each

Ear Bandits: $12.00